Monday, July 4, 2011

DS Fabric

Hmm, what is this?

DS Fabric

Yes, my very own Denyse Schmidt fabric! Or just a really nice place to sit according to Ziggy :)

DS Fabric

I realize there's probably tons of pictures of this fabric out there, but I bet none of them have a cute little chinchilla sitting on top :) I drove an hour away to Beaumont, Texas to go to my nearest Joann Fabrics and was so pleased to see that they had so many of the prints! I got 7 (all of the green prints they had), and I left probably about another 7 behind (mostly the red and dark blue ones). I got them for $6.99 a yard plus an extra 10% off my total purchase. The only print they didn't have that I really wanted to get was the blue dots print.

DS Fabric

I've also been working on free motion quilting the fabric I picked out for one of my Simplicity patterns. I'm just following the design of the print. I thought this would be a little different than the typical diagonal quilting. Plus I think I can save fabric if I'm not having to worry about keeping the quilting in all the same direction. I'm thinking that I am going to have to use different color threads because I'm not liking how the white is standing out on the orange and green.

DSC_0230 copy

Happy 4th of July!


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  1. and you know who Denise Schmidt is ? Yes you are quilter..and a good one at that..and psst I am an R.N and a Registered Nutritionist ( retired) you will love your career...x