Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hollow Blocks + Strips

So I've been putting together all of those hollow blocks (as I've come to call them). Today I made one set of strips to go in between the blocks. I love the way it turned out! There are going to be five of these total. I wish I would have made these wider with maybe only one row of blocks. I think I would have liked more color and less of the Kona natural. That's ok though! I'm going to use every last bit of color from two jelly rolls.

Color Blocks + Strips

Color Blocks + Strips

Not bad for my first attempt at free handed piecing. Everything seems all nice and straight. One thing about the jelly rolls that I'm not too crazy about is they have way more blues and greens than any other color. There is probably more blue than all of the other colors put together. They need more pink, purple, and orange! It's been really hard to arrange the colors to look random without a ton of blues and greens all bunched together.


  1. wow, this looks so cool! i really like it and i can't wait to see the finished product. you have done an excellent job!

  2. What a bright and fun quilt! Great job!
    ...I noticed you have a chinchilla...that is sooo cool! How are they as pets...related to...say a cat or rabbit or hamster...etc? Do they use a cat box? are they free to roam or in a cage usually? =)

    =) new follower =)